The Client.

Frankston's Total Fitness Health Club

Input Fitness Health Club, nestled in Frankston, is the brainchild of Darren, Lisa, and their kids. In October 2022, their shared love for wellness became a reality. They wanted a fitness space that wasn't just a routine but a fun, life-changing experience. They're now proud owners, committed to their community.

It's not just a gym; it's your home away from home, a place to recharge, connect with others, and focus on your wellness. Input Fitness welcomes everyone, regardless of fitness level, with open arms. Their community-oriented approach ensures no one feels left out.

What truly sets Input Fitness apart is its local roots. It's not just a business; it's a local gem deeply invested in its neighbourhood's well-being. It's about making a positive impact and being part of Frankston's wellness journey.

Our Objectives.

Rebrand the Website

With new ownership, a completed renovation and the release of new service offerings, it was essential Input revamped the website to reflect the updated branding and their holistic approach to fitness and wellness.

Promote New Services

With the introduction of Locker Room and The Underground. Input required a tailored SEO strategy to target local clientele and attract new members for a premium service offering including reformer Pilates, strength training and boxing classes.

Boost Trial Memberships

To generate leads and attract new members, a specialised landing pages were developed to increase the number of sign ups at Input. Each page on the website was specifically required to funnel users to the 10 Day for $25 intro offer.

CRM Appointment Setting

In order to handle an increased volume of leads, Input required an integration with Zip Leads, to customise nurture funnels and deliver personalised messaging to each lead based on the page they enquired on to set appointments.

The Challenge.

To increase the number of intro offer sign ups

Our challenge was to boost sign-ups for an introductory offer and represent the new makeover for Input Fitness Health Club. It was essential to maintain the core identity, charm and community spirit of Input whilst to aligning with the new owners vision.

With the introduction of new premium services such as Reformer Pilates, Boxing and a suite of wellness offerings. These distinct offerings required a targeted approach to effectively draw in the appropriate audience for specific organic keywords. Undertaking a comprehensive SEO audit, we aligned the websites site structure to attract target keywords and draw in local traffic in Frankston.

Another crucial element of the project was to streamline administrative tasks to tackle a projected increase in lead volume. More specifically the admin time spent in managing leads, scheduling appointments, and booking tours. This required an overall of their CRM Zip Leads, an integration of forms on each landing page and reformatting nurture sequences with personalised messaging depending on the service enquiry.

The Result.


Increase in Leads


Increase in Engagement Time


More Sign Ups

The Solution.

A complete Web Revamp, SEO Audit, and Bespoke CRM Integration

Quazic orchestrated a comprehensive website overhaul, aligning it seamlessly with the new ownership's vision. This overhaul encompassed the user-friendly design and SEO optimisation to enhance local search visibility and appeal to the local community. The result? A flourishing website, significantly increasing lead volume.

Dedicated SEO-friendly pages were developed to effectively highlighted new premium services and feeling at Input Fitness Health Club. Furthermore, we ensured that the new website preserved Input Fitness Health Club's cherished community-oriented ethos, representing the club as a space for family, community and results.

To streamline lead management, we introduced automated systems and personalised nurture sequences on each landing page. These sequences were tailored to encourage potential members to book club tours, increasing the likelihood of membership sign ups post trial. This approach not only reduced the time spent on administrative tasks required to follow up and manage high lead volumes, it provided a more personalised experience and engaging experience.

“Testimonial Coming Soon“

— Darren - Input Owner

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