The Client.

An idyllic sanctuary for wellness, rejuvenation & cherished memories.

Atlas Retreat is a luxurious, thoughtfully designed haven nestled in Shoreham on the Mornington Peninsula. Offering an unparalleled setting for wellness retreats, yoga escapes, and high-end family accommodations for special occasions. This exclusive destination focuses on fostering rejuvenation, relaxation, and unforgettable experiences for its guests.

The property features a state-of-the-art multi-purpose room, a stunning cabana house by an aqua pool & spa, and a selection of lavish artworks, deluxe suites, and family-friendly lodges. The new owners envisioned transforming Atlas Retreat into a distinguished sanctuary for wellness, personal growth, and lasting memories.

Our Objectives.

Emphasize wellness and luxury

The goal was to position Atlas Retreat as a premier destination for wellness and relaxation. The client sought a long-term digital partner to help actualize this vision and digitize the business operations for streamlining bookings.

Integrate multi-channel systems to drive revenue

The mandate was to develop a WordPress website integrated with a property management system, capable of handling multiple sales channels and streamlining processes for both guests and management.

Improve booking experience for guests

Implement an innovative booking process that eliminates the need for invoicing clients, allowing the website to manage all direct bookings and secure payments efficiently.

Consolidate all booking channels

Integration with major platforms like Airbnb,, VRBO, and Stayz, ensuring a unified booking system with integrated calendar management to avoid double bookings.

The Challenge.

Establish a solid online presence and booking system for a start-up growth.

As a start-up, Atlas Retreat needed to create a strong online presence from scratch, including a website, social media profiles, and directory listings to attract and manage the anticipated influx of bookings.

The business required a seamless, efficient system to handle bookings, payments, guest communication, and staff coordination to ensure smooth operations from the very beginning.

The aspiration was to develop a website and integrated booking system that would save time for both customers and management while providing an exceptional guest experience.

The client required a partner to offer guidance and support in implementing the best practices for a start-up in the wellness retreat industry, with the ultimate goal of scaling the business and increasing revenue.

Creating a user-friendly and efficient booking system was essential to minimize management tasks, effectively communicate with guests, and securely process payments for each reservation.

The Result.


Occupancy rate above industry average


Increase in website clicks

6 months

of forward bookings first 90 days

The Solution.

A multi-channel booking system integrated with an SEO optimised website.

Quazic, we teamed up with Atlas Retreat to give them the support and know-how they needed to create a fantastic foundation for their start-up. We worked closely with them, getting a feel for their vision and goals, and put together a plan that was all about delivering the best possible guest experience.

We used our expertise to set up a strong online presence, complete with a stunning and easy-to-use website that truly captured the essence of Atlas Retreat. By integrating a top-notch property management and booking system, we made everything run smoothly for customers and management alike, helping Atlas Retreat stand out in the wellness retreat scene.

Our ongoing training and support meant that the Atlas Retreat team could keep improving and growing their business, always putting guest satisfaction first.

The result? A thriving start-up that quickly gained momentum, enjoying a surge in bookings, smoother operations, and impressive revenue growth.

“The bookings I've received are a testament to their work, around 40 percent of those bookings are directed to our website. In the last six months alone we've seen an increase in clicks to our website by over 300 percent and we're now ranking for 400+ keywords with around 30 on the first page of Google. I would definitely recommend Quazic to others.

Their expertise in website development and marketing strategy is second to none. My experience with Quazic has been nothing short of exceptional.

— Alysha - Property Manager @ Atlas Retreat

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