The Client.

Evolution Boats is a renowned manufacturer of premium fiberglass fishing boats, offering exceptional boating experiences through innovative designs.

Committed to delivering exceptional luxury boating experiences through a combination of innovative designs, top-notch craftsmanship, and unparalleled customer service. Evolution Boats has a deep understanding of the boating industry and a passion for excellence, their vision is to create high-performance fishing boats that offer unparalleled safety, reliability, and smooth rides on the water. Evolution Boats prioritizes the needs and preferences of its diverse clientele both hardcore fishermen and families alike.

Earning a reputation for excellence and trust in the boating industry, they strive to ensure that their boats are not only high-performing but also safe and dependable. Evolution Boats work tirelessly to exceed expectations, ensuring that their boats deliver exceptional performance and smooth rides, no matter the conditions.

Our Objectives.

Maximize social media reach and engagement

The aim was to boost Evolution Boats' social media presence on Instagram and Facebook, focusing on content strategies that would drive engagement, brand awareness, and ultimately sales.

Identify high-performing content types

Analyze audience insights and content performance to determine the most effective content types for reaching and engaging the target audience.

Optimize content strategy for 2023

Based on the analysis, develop a tailored content strategy for 2023 that focuses on maximizing reach, engagement, and business growth.

Strengthen online reputation

Boost Evolution Boats' brand awareness and online reputation, positioning them as a top fiberglass boat manufacturer while nurturing customer loyalty and trust on social media platforms.

The Challenge.

Building reputation in the evolving social media landscape.

Evolution Boats encountered the challenge of building a robust brand reputation on social media platforms while dealing with the dynamic landscape and the highly competitive market. One of the key obstacles they faced was partnering with marketing agencies that struggled to grasp the complexity of their products, leading to less effective content and strategy development.

Amidst other business challenges during covid, Evolution Boats also found it difficult to allocate time and resources to produce consistent, high-quality content that showcased their craftsmanship and innovation. Identifying and implementing the most effective content types and strategies for reaching and engaging their target audience was essential to achieving the desired growth and success on social media platforms.

The Result.


Increase in Insta followers


Increase in reach


Increase in profile visits

The Solution.

Unlocking the power of social media through data-driven insights.

Quazic worked closely with Evolution Boats to analyze audience insights and content performance across Instagram and Facebook. The analysis revealed that short-form video content and daily engagement on Instagram, as well as educative content and factory updates on Facebook, were the most effective at driving engagement.

Based on these findings, we developed a tailored content strategy for 2023, focusing on creating more short-form videos for Instagram and TikTok, featuring on-the-water content, walkthroughs of completed models, and educative content on the construction process of fiberglass boats.

To further boost the reach and engagement of Evolution Boats' social media accounts, we recommended increasing the frequency of high-quality short-form video content by scheduling consistent on-the-water days, final product demos, and construction updates on new boats.

This data-driven approach to content strategy and audience engagement has set the stage for continued growth and success for Evolution Boats in the competitive boating industry.

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